Cpt.America - Bass
Stiff Stick - Drums
Popgun - guitar and backup vocals
Tony Macaroni - screaming vocals
Turbo McFingers - guitar

It all started late autumn, 2002 in a little town
called Halden, Norway, not so far from the capitol
Four guys got together in a shitty, little basement
and started playing covers from different rock bands.

"We passed around the microphone, and picked
out the most suitable for screaming meaningless
words. After a few rehearsals, we decided to get
an extra bass player, because our singer had
problems singing and playing at the same time.
Therefore we hooked up with an old good-looking
bassist, so our vocalist could concentrate more
on his lyrics. Lyrics are important, you know…

After a combo-concert with Gluecifer and
The Hellacopters at Rockefeller, Oslo, two of the
band members got a truckload of inspiration,
grabbed their guitars and started writing their
own songs and lyrics.
(The funny thing is that we didn’t have any lyrics
at all on our first gig. We just got our singer drunk
and he added the lyrics during the concert…)"

This was the beginning of the phenomenon
called Royal Porn Celebrities…


Edit: 04/2004:

The Royal Porn Celebrities have now existed as a
band for 1,5 years. During this short time we've
managed to record three demo/promo EPs,
recieve outstanding reviews of these recordings
(Panorama: 4/6; ROCKMAG; Daredevil Magazine),
play numerous concerts in Halden, Østfold and Oslo,
be broadcasted on national radio on P3(Urørt) in
addition to Radio Orakel, play together with famous
bands like: Camaros, Span, Lorraine, Bronco Busters,
and Lords of the New Church, and last but not least:
create a renowned and respected name in the world of RAWK!

We don't plan to go silent yet. You just wait.
Before you know it we'll be in YOUR house, playing
YOUR guitar and screaming meaningless words into
YOUR ears one sunday-hungover-morning...


Edit: 05/2005:

After almost three years of RAWK on 10max,
four fucking releases,
a hell-of-a-lot-of concerts,
drunkeness and psycho hangovers,
girls and shitty motelrooms
(or just shitty girls..),
car breakdowns,
fighting for food,
and just plain "if you shake it
more than once, you're playing with it.."
- attitude, it's time to go...

Since 2002 we've gone through so much crap,
it's insane. But it was all worth it.
Why, you say? Because we got to play
our music the way it should be played!
Live! Exactly...
(Damn those Ashlee
"Singback/Playback" Simpson performers.)
Our music will continue to guide
the young and restless rockers,
and show them the way.
Therefore we will continue to keep
this website open, and perhaps even
add more rare photos/mp3s/videos
in time to come.

The band will play it's last two concerts
in Halden, 14th and 15th of May, 2005.
Afterwards, RPC is history.
Why? Rock 'n Roll need no reason!

We would like to thank everyone who
has helped us during these three
fine years. We'd like to especially thank
Espen Jamne for beliving in us when
recording our first demo, and who has
continued to show his support.
We'd also like to thank One Way Straight,
who have been our tourmates for so long,
Gazza who has been our faithful roadie,
Halden City & Rockehuset for free rehearsals
and of course our dearest friends and family.
To write down every single name would
be impossible, since there are so many
of you helpful souls out there,
but keep in mind that all your help
and support were greatly appreciated!

So.. *silence*

This is it, then..
Keep on rocking!

//Tony, Pop, Stiff, Turbo and Cpt.
//Halden, 11/05/2005