Upcoming shows


Old shows

15th May
Rockehuset, Halden - Rusfritt!
RPCs last show ever!
(w/ OWS & Lucky Malice)

14th May
Studenten, Halden - 18år - 50,-
(w/ Freedumb & OWS)


27th November
'At The Show' festival , Feelgood, Halden

13th November
HAWK, Fredrikstad (w/ OWS)

12th November
Private arr.

1st October
Feelgood, Halden (RELEASE PARTY "Too Damn Serious")

18th September
Skuret, Oslo (w/ 6 feet thunder)

4th September
Flimmerfestivalen, Ås

13th August
Halden torg
(Amcar treff. Support for WigWam.
w/ OWS, The Offenders and Top Fuelers)

7th August
Audunbakken festival, Disenå
(w/ OWS, Goldcrush, 6 feet thunder ++)

22th May
Feelgood, Halden
(with One Way Straight and Grand Café)

24 March
Skuret, Oslo, Norway
(w/ Smalltown Ramblers)

3rd March
Russefesten, Student-UKA, Kroa, Halden
(with Grand Café)


6th December
12:00 : Julemusikantene-2003, Halden
(beneficiary: Frelsesarmeen)

16:00 : Kjellern Rock, Ski, Norway

22nd November
Kongens Brygge, Halden, Norway
(Support for Kongelige Ræver)

4th October
After-krock, Demo, Halden
(+AG-3 and Yonakit)

14th June
Kroa, Halden, Norway
(Beneficiary concert, support for Camaros)

28th May
Kroa, Halden, Norway
(Support for Lords of the New Church)

11-13th February
Various performances, Tistedal, Norway


28th December,
Feelgood, Halden, Norway