RPC has recently been spotted
on one of Norway's most popular
TV channels, TV2. The show
called Sone2 has used RPC
merch in their contests.
TVNorge's MessTV has also
used RPCs Too Damn Serious
on their show. The host
of the show even wears
a RPC t-shirt now and then.

By the way..
One of Norway's top
rock 'n roll exports of all
time, has decided to quit
the business. Gluecifer have
done exactly the same as RPC,
and decided to call it a day
before it all went downhill.
Thanks for a jolly good time!

RPCs "Going Down" is included
on Rockehuset's compilation
for 2005. "Going Down" is
track #1 on this VA.


mp3s updated.
Added clips from this weekends
Pics updated.
Added pictures from our first
gig ever, Julepunken 2002, and
our supportgig for the Lords'03.

By the way: this weekends
shows were a blast!
Thanks to everyone who
showed up and made our
last concerts worthwhile!

Bio updated.
Shop updated.
The last two shows will be as
mentioned earlier:
at Studentkroa
and 15th May at Rockehuset.
These will be our very last shows,
so get off your fat ass and join us!
We still have some merch left, so
if you haven't got a RPC t-shirt, or
our EP-CD "Too Damn Serious",
you better show up and we'll
give you a very nice price.

Okey, let's face the facts.
The tour went down the crapper,
and RPC is on the virge of taking
a very long break. The main reason
is that Turbo is moving to Trondheim,
and Pop still is stuck in Oslo.
The long distance between the
bandmembers is therefore a bit too
much to handle.
We'll play two good-bye shows in Halden,
14th and 15th of May.
Hope to see you there!

RPC is planning a summertour with
OWS. Hopefully we can pull it off
in may/june sometime.
Some of the members in
RPC are also booked for studio with
espen this week. We will record
2 songs as: "Rebel Royale",
with a few changes in lineup.
The recording will be a 7" vinyl
and released on Roadkill Records
sometime later this year.

Ørje gig was cancelled due to illness.
Happy new year, by the way:)
RPC is currently concentrating on
new material. Habbahabba!


-Ørje gig moved to 19th Dec.
-Årjäng gig cancelled. Sorry guys.

At the show festival went along nicely.
Over 130 people showed up, and made
the night a huge success!
Thanks a lot to Feelgood, and primus
motor-man Remo (OWS).
Pictures are coming right up!

Vote RPC to by:larm 2005!
Click here to vote!

New reviews:
panorama & puls & rockeweb
We love free PR.

It's now possible for you international
fans to order your copy of 'Too Damn
and pay using your Credit Card
or via PayPal! It's also possible
to order t-shirts the same way.
Enter the shop and place your order!

Pics from the releaseparty is out!
We tend to forget our digicam every
time so dv-rip is the only ones we
have, unfortunately.

The releaseparty was a blast!!
About 60 people showed up, so we're
more than happy!
Thanks to Pat for sound, Feelgood
for location, Daniel and Willy for
drinking and selling merch at the same
time, and all of our fans who came
to support us. Thanks a lot!
Pics are under development.. hold tight.

New reviews of TDS:
Halden Dagblad

Groove.no just posted a nice review of
our soon-to-be released EP,
Too Damn Serious. Great!
The EP will be released 1st October at
Feelgood, Halden. It will be for sale in
stores by 2nd October.
We've sent a shipment to Interpunk, so
for you intl fans there it will be possible
to order your copy from them soon.

Played at Skuret last night with 6 feet thunder.
A blast? Probably. Do you remember?
Parkingtickets made the total a little in red,
but all in all it was a great experience.
Thanks to soundguy and the 6 feet guys
(they're not that tall at all).
Let's rock again sometime.

Updated the webpage once again. New design.
The design is based on the cover of our EP
"Too Damn Serious" which will be released
1st October!
The EP has 5 songs, and will be available for
order here on our webpage, as well as in high
quality musicstores around the globe.

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