[12.December, 2003]
since our next upcoming gig was cancelled, we have decided to take the rest of the year off.
happy holidays everybody! :)
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[8.December, 2003]
Royal Porn Celebrities - Where The Sun Don't Shine was played on the air!
P3, one of Norway's biggest radiostations played the song on the show Urørt five minutes ago. Listen to the recorded stream here.
posted by stiff & turbo [22:46]

[7. December, 2003]

the two shows this saturday went OK.
we had a rather difficult morning with hungover bandmembers, and others who just wouldn't
get out of bed ;-)
the gig in halden city went better than we expected, in spite of frozen pizza-fingers and drums which could fit a 4-year old dude.. so tiny!

the soundguy at Kjellernrock managed to give us only bass in our monitors, and when we asked for more guitar/vocal he turned out to be an arrogant bastard, so we just played our
set and left.. (heaps of thanks to the three punk-girlies who rocked their asses off! love you:)
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[5. December, 2003]
uploaded some mp3s from our show at Kongens Brygge, 22/11-03.
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[1. December, 2003]
NRK requested our demo CD's for their archives, so now our music can be broadcasted via radio/tv :D
The only shows playing unreleased music are Lydverket and Urørt.
We urge everyone to request our songs by sending email to these adresses:
urort@nrk.no and lydverket@nrk.no
posted by turbo [20:47]

[24. November, 2003]
The show at Konges was another huge success. We started playing around midnight,
and held a 30-min show, so the crowd could be in a good mood for the main band: Kongelige Ræver.
Check out the pics
posted by turbo [16:03]

[11. November, 2003]

trying to get some gigs arranged:
- 22nd November, Kongens Brygge, Halden (Support for Kongelige Ræver)
- 6th December, Gågata, Halden (v. H. Andersen, beneficiary concert for Frelsesarmeen)
- 6th December, Kjellern festival, Ski
- 13th December, Kongens Brygge, Halden (Helvetes Jul)

None of the concerts are confirmed atm, but hopefully they will be.
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[2. November, 2003]
uploaded two songs recorded LIVE at Demo, 4th October..
check 'em out
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[30. October, 2003]
just finished our new demo: "Stupidity for Suckers"
mp3s are uploaded, and are available here
the sound is shitty as always, since we play pure garage RAWK, but the songs are great!
cover is under production..
posted by tony macaroni & turbo [21:08]

[29. October, 2003]

added a link to the pictures from our concert @ Demo, Halden, 4th October 2003
check it out
posted by turbo [14:28]

[17. October, 2003]

our !HAND MADE! promotional demos are now available through interpunk.com
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[13. October, 2003]
panorama.no has reviewed 'Far out and disconnected' and gave it a 4/6 rating!!
panorama is one of norway's biggest music-related magazines, so we're very proud!
check out the review here
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[8. October, 2003]
just found out that somebody have reviewed both of our CD's..:)
Far out and disconnected got a 9/10 rating and
Static got a 7/10 rating!
check out the reviews on the discography page
posted by tony macaroni [17:47]

[5. October, 2003]
afterkrock was a huge success! just want to let you guys know, that the whole gig was really
fun, and that we will gladly play more gigs at demo in the future..
postoffice6 had to cancel.. instead played Yona-Kit and AG-3..
posted by turbo [23:51]

[3. October, 2003]

afterkrock is to be played at demo-bar this saturday (tomorrow, 4th October, 2003)!
royal porn celebrities team up with the halden locals from postoffice6 this time..
remember that this is a closed arrangement for the people working at krocketfestivalen '03
at least that's what we've been told...
posted by popgun [11:03]

[1. October, 2003]
afterkrock concert is to be arranged this saturday.
nobody really knows the location yet.. it seems that holtan doesn't really
want to throw a party for us hard-working people..
(supposed to be a closed party for the people working at krocketfestivalen '03)

well, we hope to get some info soon at least..
I recon we do the gig just like a rehearsal.. play some new, crisp songs
which we haven't played more than a couple of times.. and see how it goes...
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[28. September, 2003]
added a f*** shoutbox for you guys who just can't shut up! :P
also.... sign our guestbook!
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[19. September, 2003]

added links to some pictures taken during our time recording the two demos..
(english grammar)
posted by stiff [16:23]

[17. September, 2003]
ah... it's just so great to get rid of those advertisements!
moved all the stuff to the umulig.com server.. much better..

btw, arne just moved to oslo, so we're in for a tough time with few rehearsals..
hopefully he'll visit once in a while, so we can jam..
that's all for now, check timeline for upcoming shows as well..
posted by turbo [15:54]

[12. September, 2003]
added links to the mp3's for download..
we believe in sharing our music with people, you know:)
decided to switch hosts also.. we're soon on a norwegian server.. much better..
so...since we're changing servers, you need to bookmark http://royalporn.cjb.net ..
this will forward you to the correct server each time, every time..
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[11. September, 2003]

site is finally up and running :)
the pictures and music sections are on my 'todo-list', so hang on to yer horses..
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