[7. September, 2004]

went along nicely. The people who showed up took good care of us, and we rocked both ours and their asses off in return! Turbo managed to hit Popgun in the head with his guitar, because they rawked so hard, so Pop had to leave the stage bleeding. Luckily it was during our last song, so it didn't matter much.
That's rock for ya! More pictures?

Other news; the EP is in print, and we're waiting in anticipation, just as much as you guys.

In the meantime, check out these showdates and try to do other things than just surf around our website..

18th September
Skuret, Oslo (w/ 6 feet thunder)

1st October
Feelgood, Halden (RELEASE PARTY!)

13th November
HAWK, Fredrikstad (w/ OWS)

27th November
'At The Show', Feelgood, Halden
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[27. August, 2004]
RPC is booked for a gig at Skuret, Oslo. We will be playing with another great rockband from Oslo,
6 feet thunder. 6 feet thunder played with us on Audunbakken festival 7th August, and they play along
the same musical lines as we do. So therefore, get your ass to Skuret, 18th September!

Also, a reminder: RPCs next gig is at Flimmerfestivalen 4th September (next Saturday).
The show be at Klubbscene 1 (18years ; cc: 70,-), start 23:45 and last about half an hour.
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[14. August, 2004]
Performed at "Amcar-treffet" last night, at torget in Halden. Support for Wig Wam.
The band played 4 songs, and left the stage with the audience screaming for more.
Of all things, Turbo managed to lose his backup guitar! We don't know whether it was stolen or not.
Anyway, it's an Epiphone Les Paul, sunburst color (red and yellow) in a Yamaha leather flightcase. Inside the case there are various accessories, like cables, tuners pics, pedals an so on. If you have seen this guitar/case please contact Turbo by phone:
(+47) 98 43 73 05!! He wants his loved one back a.s.a.p. Thank you.
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[10. August, 2004]
Audunbakken was a blast!!
Thanks a lot to the crew; Audun, Silje, Eivind, Thomas og Øyvind, and of course the other bands.
Huge thanks to Perra, Daniel, Willy, Anne, Sara and One Way Straight for merch, kisses and support!
, anyone?
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[18. July, 2004]

1. Monster
2. Don't Give Up
3. Going Down
4. Nobody Cares
5. Last Night

Recorded and mixed, May, 2004 at Athletic Sound, Halden by Kai A.
Produced by Royal Porn and Kai.

Mastered by Audun at Strype Audio, Oslo.
All songs and lyrics by Royal Porn.
Cover design by Mads 'Mr. Popmeister' Husvik.
Released by Roadkill Records (http://www.roadkillrecords.com)
(temp cover)

Our newly recorded EP is soon ready for release.
The exabyte master is hot and ready, so we're only waiting for Mads
who is designing the cover. So far we plan on printing 500 copies.
This means that we'll probably use about 100 for promo, which again means that we're only selling 400 copies. These 400 copies will go fast! Think about how many friends and girlfriends we have;)
The best way you can be sure to get a hold of one, is to
send an email and preorder a copy.
We will distribute to customers on this preorder list first.

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[16. July, 2004]
Royal Porn are playing at Flimmerfestivalen, 4th September together with bands like:
Grand Café, Freedumb, Bonanza, Martin Cornell and others. Check out flimmerfestivalen.no for
updated info.
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[5. July, 2004]
We've just received brand new tshirts for all you fans out there.
By now we have almost sold out half the stock to local fans, so if you want to buy one
you better hurry up! These things go fast!
Order now
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[14. June, 2004]
The upcoming EP has just been mastered. Tony Mac and Turbo visited Audun Strype Friday, 11th
and joined the mastering team. The result was overwhelming. Good shit!
We don't want to reveal too much about the release, so you have to hang on... for a while yet.

One more thing: RPC will be playing Audunbakken Festival, 7th August. More about this later.
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[3. June, 2004]
We're finished with our studiosessions on our upcoming EP.
The band has spent the last weeks together with Dr. Kai A. in Athletic Sound, recording 5 tracks.
The material is already sent to Strype for mastering, and we expect the first ed. back next week.
We'll keep you posted.
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[24. May, 2004]
God damn! It's done!
Huge success last Saturday. With great bands like OWS and Grand, the crowd went crazy.
Although it was never 'roof on fire' -attendance wise, we had a great time.
We even made the balance, even better: we found ourselves 500 NOK in plus.
Thanks again to Frode, Eskild, Remo and William in OWS; and last but not least
Christer, Odd and Kenneth (in addition to Kim) in Grand Café for making this evening so great.
We hope we can do this once again, guys!

Pictures are processing.... hang on to yer guitar....
Edit: Pictures
(We noticed a couple of photographers in the crowd. If you'd be kind enough to share the pictures
you took, we'd be very grateful. Thanks)
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[24. May, 2004]
Photoshoot pictures taken Sunday, 23/5-04 are coming right up. Tha band had a nice little trip to Halden's
Fortress "Festningen" this lovely afternoon with photographer Tor Buckholm, and took a large number
of great hi-res pictures. Pictures can be downloaded here.
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[14. May, 2004]
Our next gig is a combo with One Way Straight and Grand Café - 22/5!
OWS is a local Halden band and considered our friends, while Grand Café is from Spydeberg.
Both bands kick ass, so don't miss this!
The gig is at Feelgood, Halden and we urge everyone to show up!
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[10. May, 2004]

The upcoming gig has been postponed!
Our gig at Feelgood this Saturday (15/5-04) has been delayed one week. The new date is 22/5!
The reason is bad communication, or rather lack of- but also because Squareheads and Deluxe66 are playing
the 16th. Sorry about this, but we hope you all understand that this has been difficult.
Looking forward to see you the 22/5!
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[25. April, 2004]
Royal Porn Celebrities have decided to hit the studio in a month from now.
During May and June we will record 5 tracks at Athletic Sound (Kai Andersen).
These tracks will later this year be released as an EP. More info about this later.
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[18. April, 2004]
We're hosting a logo competition!
The band is looking for a new logo to be used as our official band logo.
It has to have some relation to the music we play and the name of the band, but other than that there are no guidelines.
This logo will be used on our new EP and other releases, which will be released late summer/autumn 2004. You will be credited with name/nick whatever, but the rights of the logo will then be transfered to RPC for further use.

Send your contribution to: royalporn@umulig.com
If your design gets our attention, we will contact you.
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[13. April, 2004]
New update.
The site needed a makeover, so I threw together something different.
It's been a while, so I thought I could tell you briefly about our plans for the next months.
We have a few gigs planned, but none of them are 100% at the moment. Our first priority is a
comboconcert at Feelgood in the beginning of May with some local bands, in addition to Smalltown Ramblers with
whom we played together at Skuret 24. March, 04.
The band has also managed to get funds for the recording of our first real EP.
Frifond has contributed 3000,- (NOK) to support us, but we need much more. If you're interested in
sponsoring this release, please send us an email!
We haven't yet decided when to hit the studio, but hopefully this will happen sometime this summer.
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[26. March, 2004]
Thanks a lot to everyone who rawked the floors of Skuret two days ago.
We had a great time! Special thanks to Martin for sound, Smalltown Ramblers and mr. punkrock himself -
Tore Hauge.
Soundclips and pictures are up and running, so enjoy!
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[9. March, 2004]
Uploaded some mp3s from our last gig at Studenkroa, Halden.
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[4. March, 2004]
Our gig at Studentkroa was a blast! Thanks a lot to Grand Café and their soundguy.
Couldn't have done this without your help.

Pictures anyone?
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[8. February, 2004]
Studenthuset i Halden has booked us for the "Russefest", 3. March. Be there!
We have also managed to get a gig in Oslo, at Skuret, 24. March.
Royal Porn Celebrities will then be supporting Smalltown Ramblers.

We 'll post more information about these gigs later.
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[27. January, 2004]
rockmag.org has postet a review of our first demo.
read it here!
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[21. January, 2004]
daredevil magazine just posted a little review of our demos
read it here (scroll somewhat down....)
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[13. January, 2004]
Moved all the equipment over to Tony's house. Thanks to 'the RAWKhouse' for a good year.
The new rehearsal room is going to be real nice. We cleaned up all the old shit from last year and placed one of the PA speakers on the floor, tilted. Good for monitor. Another thing, we serial connected the bass, so that we'll get the most out of both our bassamps.
This Saturday is going to be a blast!
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[5. January, 2004]
New possibilities, new adventures..:P
No shows confirmed ATM, but we're moving our equipment to rehearse in Tony's house, and planning to hit the studio soon.

That's all for now.
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